How To Make Matcha Green Tea (Hot or Cold)

Making matcha green tea is very simple but it involves more than just dunking a tea bag into boiling water..

This article will help you make the perfect cup of matcha hot or cold!

Hot Matcha

Add 1/2 teaspoon (1g) into a cup and then pour in the hot water (not boiling) and then whisk for around 30 seconds until the matcha has dissolved into the water. Tip: Add a splash of the hot water in first then whisk the matcha into a paste and then gradually add the rest of the hot water whilst whisking.

Cold Matcha

Add 1/2 teaspoon (1g) to a water bottle, shake thoroughly then add lemon, lime or mint leaves to flavour. This is by far the simplest and most refreshing way to drink matcha and it’s our favourite choice for when you’re hitting the gym or need a quick matcha fix when you’re on the go.

Whisking advice

The iconic matcha bamboo whisk is the best way to whisk up your matcha as the whisk has been made specifically for matcha and it helps create the delicious layer of froth like no other whisk can. But if you don’t have one you can simply use an electric whisk or a small metal whisk. Using a spoon will work to some degree but you’ll find it very hard to fully dissolve the matcha powder. If you have no whisk to hand you should make the matcha in a bottle, shake thoroughly and then pour into your cup.

Hot water advice

When making matcha green tea you should avoid using boiling water as this damages the delicate green tea leaves and it can lower the amount of nutrients you’ll consume. Water boils at 100C/212F but for matcha tea you’ll find that 80C/175F is the perfect temperature to use and this can be achieved by stopping the kettle before it starts to boil or you can add cold water to a cup of boiling water to lower the temperature. Adding cold water is by far the easiest way but you can of course leave the boiling water to cool down naturally although this may take 5-10 minutes.

How much matcha should I drink a day?

Matcha does contain caffeine and you can find out more about matcha vs coffee here. Matcha contains roughly half the amount of caffeine than a typical cup of coffee so to avoid consuming too much caffeine you should limit yourself to 3 grams per day which is 3 servings of matcha green tea powder.

How else can I drink matcha green tea?

The most captivating and interesting thing about matcha is that you’re not limited to just drinking it as a tea, hot or cold. No, matcha can be used in almost anything you can think of! From noodles to pancakes, matcha is an extremely versatile superfood. You can download our matcha recipes guide for some inspiration and our instagram page is packed full of delicious matcha creations!

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